ElasticSearch – Taking The NoSQL Plunge

I cannot tell a lie!

I have fallen in love with ElasticSearch. The ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash & Kibana) Stack to be exact. Why?

UI: As I developer spending a lot of time on the back end and the middle end, we don’t think about how were going to get that sexy user interface up and running. In my case, the team is small, we have one UI developer, so time is of the essence. Out the box, Kibana provides a fantastic user interface. The UI is mostly mostly point and click. Think Google Analytics with statistical functions built into the UI for you to manipulate.

NoSQL: Never been interested in a game of darts, but ElasticSearch is the ultimate “dart board”. I can throw any record, with any fields without having to worry about matching table structure. Sure, we could right apps that database alter tables, but this is A.D. not B.C!

Data Injection: I’m a sucker for CSV files. Simple and convenient. But an SQL statement to get the same data is even better. Logstash allows you inject your data into ElasticSearch with ease, via different methods, like the two aforementioned.